Festac Postal Code / Zip Code – Lagos City

Festac is a location within the city of Lagos, Lagos State, Nigeria. It is divided into Festac Community II, Festac Community III, and Festac Community IV.

All the aforementioned districts contain several locations that make use of varying postal or zip code.

Here are the districts within Festac and their postcodes:

Festac Community II

22 Rd St.102312
41 Rd St.102312
51 Rd St.102312
221 Rd St.102312
202 Rd St.102312
206 Rd St.102312
321 Rd St.102312
322 Rd St.102312
511 Rd St.102312
512 Rd St.102312


Festac Community III

23 Rd St.102313
24 Rd St.102313
71 Rd St.102313
72 Rd St.102313
208 Rd St.102313
209 Rd St.102313
402 Rd St.102313
711 Rd St.102313
712 Rd St.102313
722 Rd. St.102313

Festac Community IV

13Rd St.102314
14 Rd St.102314
15 Rd St.102314
61 Rd St.102314
62 Rd St.102314
63Rd St.102314
64 Rd St.102314
403 Rd St.102314
404 Rd St.102314
421 Rd St.102314
422 Rd St.102314
4031 Rd St.102314
4032 Rd St.102314
4041 Rd St.102314
W cl St.102314
X cl St.102314
Y cl St.102314
Z cl St.102314