Oyo State Zip Code / Postal Code

Find out what the correct postal codes / zip codes for Oyo state are right here. Oyo State, situated in the southwestern part of Nigeria, has thirty-three (33) Local Government Areas (LGAs). All the wards, districts, and location within each LGA make use of varying postal code / zip codes. Click on any of the … Read more

Itesiwaju postal or zip codes (Oyo State)

Itesiwaju is one of the thirty-three (33) Local Government Areas (LGAs) in Oyo State, Nigeria. It is made up of several towns, wards and districts that make use of varying postal or zip codes. Here are the postcode for Itesiwaju LGA: Ipapo/Oke Amu Location Postcode Abugaga 202104 Alagbede 202104 Amuda Egunsola 202104 Ariyo 202104 Aroje … Read more